Cryptocurrency traders to watch on Twitter


Cryptocurrency markets are currently shooting up, which has left many investors searching for the best places to get accurate news and analysis of various coins. With so much online interest, however, it can be hard to see through the hype and find good investment opportunities.

That’s why recently compiled a guide to the 50 Best crypto traders to follow on Twitter, which is full of accounts to keep you in the loop. In this article, we quickly run through the top 5 featured in our list.

The top 5 crypto Twitter accounts

1. @scottmelker

Scott Melker Tweets under the name ‘The Wolf Of All Streets’ and was recently named North American Influencer of the Year by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. He tops the list of crypto trading accounts to follow because of his impressive success in the cryptocurrency markets in recent years.

2. @100trillionUSD

Tweeting under the name PlanB, @100trillionUSD’s Twitter bio makes the account’s focus very clear: it reads simply #Bitcoin and a wallet address. A skilled trader, PlanB is well-known in crypto circles for investing in the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) trading method, which searches for value by analysing scarcity.

3. @rektcapital

Rekt Capital is a great account to follow for cryptocurrency analysis, particularly for those who are new to crypto investing. We like this account because of its focus on education through cryptocurrency courses. These courses help teach new people how to buy and sell cryptocurrency effectively and to become informed traders rather than just following the hype.

4. @nebraskangooner

NebraskanGooner is (surprise surprise) an Arsenal fan from Nebraska – but he is also an experienced cryptocurrency trader who helps his followers keep up-to-date with the markets. With frequent price analysis and crypto charts shared on his Twitter, and his co-ownership of Elevate Trading, any cryptocurrency investor can learn something from following NebraskaGooner.

5. @KoroushAK

Another fantastic follow for beginners in the cryptocurrency space (of which there are more and more every day as the industry expands). Koroush AK provides free courses to his followers covering the basics of trading and some of the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market. On top of this, he publishes analysis frequently to help traders assess the market. If you want the best information, explained in an easy-to-understand fashion, you want to follow Koroush.

How to keep up-to-date with cryptocurrency

These five accounts are all great options for making sure you have all the latest cryptocurrency news and analysis, but with such a fast-moving industry you’ll want to do your own research and seek out emerging news sources as well.

Reading the full list of 50 crypto influencers from Invezz will help you find more sources of information, and from there the best strategy is to see which platforms these accounts are regularly citing from their research.

2021 has already proved to be a record-breaking year for many coins, and with what the crypto community term ‘altseason’ well underway, there’s no end in sight to the current volatility in the cryptocurrency markets.

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