Digital transformation in Egypt- Ahmed Ibrahim


By Ahmed Ibrahim

Egypt is one of the pioneering countries in the MENA region to digitally transform services that are offered to its citizens in different fields to enhance the day-to-day lives of the Egyptian society, especially after the Corona pandemic.

The World Bank’s VP, Makhtar Diop for Infrastructure summed up his expectations for Egypt ongoing digital transformation “Information and Communication Technologies currently account for 3.1 percent of the Egyptian national GDP. The Egyptian government is looking to double this to about 6 percent by 2025.”

Digital transformation in the economic sector

Many E-commerce websites and E-services appeared in the Egyptian market before and after Corona like Souq, Jumia, Otlob, Talabat, Waffarha to help people buy and pay online and receive via home delivery.

Also, Egyptian telecom companies whether mobile or landline service providers offered E-billing services that allow users to pay their invoices easily online using bank cards.

To support digital transformation efforts Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Business Sector and Microsoft and Fiber Misr Systems launched the “Digital Future” initiative.

This aims to enable medium and small companies in Egypt to cope with the digital transformation through qualifying technology providers to work with these companies and facilitating payment procedures in addition to providing professional support services to end-users.

Digital transformation in the health care sector

Coronavirus changed the health sector in Egypt as it created a need for digital transformation relying on modern technologies.

Many hospitals started to provide a complete automated system for all their medical services, covering laboratories, x-rays, medicines, providing a remote treatment service through mobile phone application which enables patients to remotely access a variety of medical specializations by video calls, also allowing continuous monitoring by medical experts and consultants. Also, pharmaceutical companies launched their mobile apps to provide an easy service experience to customers.

Many startups started to provide their services through mobile apps such as booking appointments, searching for doctors, medical wearable, medical nanotechnology and prosthetic, health insurance and mental health advice like D-kimia, Shezlong, Vezeeta, Cheffaa.. etc

Digital transformation in the education sector

The Egyptian state launched the Egyptian Knowledge Bank in 2014 which is the world’s largest digital library granting unlimited resources exclusively for Egyptians of all ages.

It provides access to the largest amount of knowledge, cultural and scientific content whether they are basic, applied, technology, human or management sciences. It also includes public cultural books that target children and be used through computers, smartphones, and tablets around the country.

To eliminate student overcrowding in schools and universities, the Egyptian government represented in The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education started E-learning which allows students to learn, attend online classes using tablets and laptops besides attending offline classes intermittently.

These procedures support social distancing, reduce congestion, environmental pollution, and emphasize the importance of digital transformation in education.

Digital transformation in the governmental sector

To facilitate services for citizens and prevent crowding, the government provides its services online on the Egyptian government portal website that is available in Arabic and English. Governmental services are available for foreigners also as they can pay invoices, book tickets on Egypt Air or Egypt Railways, Submit complaints, and other important services that require going to related entities.

Digital transformation in the tourism sector

Like any other country Egyptian tourism sector is affected badly due to Covid-19 but thanks to augmented reality technology everyone can visit Egyptian monuments without even leaving the living room, the purpose is to offer a preview of what visitors will enjoy. This isn’t being achieved on a colossal scale yet. Many websites offer a gorgeous experience like

Digital transformation in the Egyptian banking sector

According to the World Bank around 80% of Egyptians are still unbanked, the Egyptian government decided to use digital technology in order to help financial systems improve their tax collection. Also, it targets youth through mobile wallets and e-commerce solutions by creating awareness programs in order to teach people how to use digital platforms.

To achieve a cashless economy the Egyptian central bank issued 5 million ATM cards to all government employees, this led to an overall reduction in costs of paying salaries and keeps the money within the financial system. Also, The National Payment Council makes it obligatory for all government service providers to provide a digital payment method to help customers pay receipts and fees online.


Digital transformation is a must today to cope with the changing world and from this Perspective, the Egyptian state took fast steps towards the future by implementing development plans and strategies that help in improving the livelihood of Egyptians.

Prepared by Patrick O’Brien.

About the author:

Ahmed Ibrahim is a technology geek, writes about technology trends, technological companies, new products, new technology like artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and big data. Get in touch with Ahmed via the following account:


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