Sports and tech: The best gear available


Technology has come a long way over the last few decades, branching into almost every aspect of life. Sports tech gear, in particular, is an exciting avenue that not only satisfies the geek in every sportsman but also plays a big part in improving sporting performance.

Fitbit and old-school sports simulators have their place, and many of us kicked off our sports tech interest with them!

But tech has leapt forward monumentally since then. Here are some of the best sports tech gear to keep you in shape.
e-Skin DK

Best Sports Tech Gear To Keep You In Shape

Xenoma has developed a smart wearable shirt that uses 14 sensors to monitor and track the movement of your body. You could use this shirt to track your movement while you go about your daily activities, or you can use it to track your form when you’re exercising.

The shirt is able to monitor your temperature, breathing and a variety of body functions. It will capture all your data while you’re exercising, doing your daily errands or even playing games. The shirt can also monitor your sleep and provide feedback on the quality of your rest, sleeping heart rate and breathing rate.
Halo Sport 2

If you’re looking to take your next training session up a notch, you want to try the Halo Sport headphones. While the audio is great, the real magic lies in the rubber primers that make contact with your scalp and apply a small electric current to your brain.

It directs the electric current to the part of the brain that’s responsible for controlling movement and puts you into a heightened state for learning. This can help you with muscle memory and improve your overall sports performance.

You can also use Halo for learning how to play music, or while studying. You only need to wear it for 20 minutes and you’ll feel the benefits of it for the next 60 minutes. Halo is where the brain meets science, and they’ve backed it up with scientific studies.

Garmin Approach S6

This is an impressive watch that’s designed for the golfer. This watch will map the entire golf course that you’re going to be playing, and will also provide accurate yardages. This will help you when you need to decide which club you want to use.

The watch automatically senses when you’ve hit a shot, and will show how far you’ve hit the ball, allowing you to adjust the pin position to get accurate yardage so you can line up your next shot.

It also tracks your swing tempo, which has mainly been tracked either with a swing analyzer or camera prior to now. The watch will show you the amount of time elapsed between your backswing and downswing, and help you find a repeatable ratio. This will help you gain more distance on the ball.
Under Armour HOVR™ Machina Running Shoe

Under Armour has provided a smart shoe that will allow the avid runner to track their progress. The chip in the shoe will monitor and store your distance and time.

Connect the shoes with the MapMyRun app and you’ll get unbiased feedback on how you can improve. You can also use the real-time form coach for personalized guidance.
SafiloX Smart Sunglasses

These smart glasses connect via Bluetooth to an app that tracks your brain activity. It does this through the sensors on the temple tips and the nose pad, which provide real-time biofeedback.

You can use these glasses to help improve your physical performance, increase concentration, and help to calm you down.


Sports tech gear is an exciting way of improving your game and learning more about your body, your form, and your training habits. Whatever your preference in terms of technology, there’s something that will excite both the tech person and the sportsperson in you!

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Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who teaches and mentors golf. He also loves to write about golf on his site,

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