The next 100 years in space, Glen Hiemstra 40 years futurist


Interesting conversation with Glen Hiemstra who has been a futurist since 1980!

40 years a futurist with Glen Hiemstra

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If you listen carefully, you can learn what the future is telling you. Before the Internet was even a public network Glen Hiemstra, Futurist, studied how it would change human and organizational communication. In the mid-1980`s he was describing the coming economic growth of the Pacific Rim countries. Glen told audiences about global warming and climate change…in 1987. He previewed nanotechnology…in 1989, and described genomic science and biotechnology even earlier.

Glen wrote about the age wave and the end of classic retirement…in 1995. By 2001 Glen described the coming energy transformation as the greatest economic opportunity of the next half-century. As early as 2006 Glen told people why the debt bubble would burst, as it did more than a year later. Before the Internet was popular Glen had the foresight to register and become Founder and CEO of the site that is now visited by people from 120 nations each month.

To deal with breakthrough trends like these Glen helps large and small companies, educational institutions, government agencies and communities re-think their future vision. This is why audience members for Glen`s keynote speeches and clients for his long-range planning  A writer as well as a speaker and consultant, Glen is the author of Turning the Future into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Future (Wiley & Sons 2006).

Previously he co-authored Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future and his new book Millennial City was published in Fall 2014. Glen has also served as a technical advisor for futuristic television shows and appeared in future oriented documentaries.

Glen has worked with many leading companies, government agencies and organizations across a wide variety of domains. These include international clients like Saint Gobain and Certainteed, Sonae of Portugal, Ambrosetti of Italy, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, Huawei of China, The World Future Forum-The Hague, GHD Engineering of Australia, Russian Railroad, Toyota, and others like Boeing Commercial Airplanes (most recently designing and leading a “Next 100 Years” strategic foresight project).

Microsoft, The Home Depot, Adobe, Ernst & Young, PaineWebber, ShareBuilder, Club of Amsterdam, REI, Weyerhaeuser, Hewlett Packard, Novo Nordisk, U.S./Mexico JWC, APAX Partners, Atlanta 2060, Tulsa 2025, , FHWA Advanced Research, Eddie Bauer, Procter & Gamble, ACE Hardware, IHOP, John Deere, Lexis Nexus, Land O Lakes, Mass Mutual, Mutual of Enumclaw, ING, Colorado League of Cities, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and others. Transportation clients include USDOT, FHWA, Idaho Transportation 2030, Michigan DOT 2030, Louisiana DOT, Texas Transportation Forum, and various auto, trucking and rail related businesses including America Trucking Association, Great Dane Trailers, Union Pacific, Toyota, Great Western Insurance, and others.

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